Tracy Morgan in 140 Words or Less

The '30 Rock' comedian explains Twitter

Tracy Morgan invented Twitter in 1985 as a way to reach Ronald Reagan to let him know how he felt about him. The 30 Rock star explains his involvement with Twitter in this promo for the Shorty Awards.
Tracy Morgan in 140 Words or LessFor those who don’t know about the Shorty Awards, it is an award show recognizing the best short content on social media. Millions of people tweet their nominations for their favorite content creators and winners are selected at a special event in New York. This years Shorty awards took place March 26. You can check their site for this years winners.
Though, if you listen to Tracy Morgan, he says the Shorties are “awards for tiny people. It finally gives them the recognition they deserve, man. The past winners was Dannny Devito, Tom Cruise, Napoleon…”
In his promo, Tracy explains everything from his favorite Tweets, to the internet, to why he doen’t use foursquare. Also, he’s building a time machine to travel to the Planet of the Apes…

Since he invented Twitter, Morgan has accumulated 1,578,890 followers. Here are our favorite tweets. Click his links on the last two to see some hilarious pictures on his Facebook page.
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