Leaked Microsoft Document Provides Roadmap For Major Products

Leaked images show release dates for Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft Office 15.

An apparent roadmap showing Microsoft’s plans for future products has been leaked. The images show Microsoft’s release plans for numerous products, including Internet Explorer, Windows Phone, and Office 15.
The images were posted to Twitter last week by Maarten Visser, who apparently got them from Microsoft’s Partner Network. The first shows information about upcoming versions of Microsoft Office and related software. According to the chart, Office 15 will be available in beta sometime in the middle of this year, with public availability coming in early 2013.
Microsoft Office Roadmap
The second image shows some data about Windows-related products, including Internet Explorer. It looks like Internet Explorer 10 is set for a summer release, coinciding loosely with the beta release of Office 15.
Microsoft Windows Roadmap
Interestingly, though the Windows 8 developer preview and the end of service for Windows XPare noted, the release date for Windows 8 is absent. The developer preview of Windows 8 was released late last year, while the consumer preview launched in February. There is no official word on a release date, though speculation has centered on the late third quarter.
[H/T: ZDNet]